Will be eligible for membership anyone who submits a written application and meets the following requirements:

1 - Be a Lebanese citizen and at least 18 years old.

2 – Clear of any conviction of a crime or felony. 3 - Respect the Club’s regulations, abide by the decisions of its General Assembly and Administrative Committee and contribute to achieving the Club’s objectives.

4 - The membership application will be deemed approved if not rejected within three months of its submission.

5 – Non-Lebanese may become members of the club but have no right to vote or be a candidate for any position.

6 - Members do not have the right to vote or be a candidate before a year at least of their membership, and after paying their annual fees (refer to the internal regulations in this regard).

7 – If a membership application is rejected, the applicant may resubmit his application after a year from the date of the rejection.


• Applicants must submit a written membership application at the Club’s headquarters, with their ID or passport copy and two passport pictures.

• Membership applications may be submitted through the Club’s website: provided the applicant comes in person within one month of the submission or sends a representative with a certified letter of authorization and a proof of identity to receive the membership card.

• Membership fees are of LBP 500,000 paid annually.

• Any new membership will be activated only upon reception of all required documents and payment of the application and membership fees, which may be settled in one, two or four payments. The name of the new member is not reported to the Ministry of Youth and Sports until the full amount of the application and the membership fees is paid.

• The Club’s Executive Committee is within its right to reject any membership application that does not meet the membership requirements or for any other reason at its own discretion. It may also revoke the membership of any member any time the requirements are not met.

• Applicants are informed of the approval or the rejection of their membership through fax or email within 90 days of the submission of the application.

• Should any member fail to pay the dues for two consecutive years the membership is automatically terminated.

• The Club's Executive Administrative Committee has the discretion to accept or reject any membership application without need for any justification or explanation.

• Upon acceptance of the application, the applicant has 6 months to pay the full amount.

Remark: Sagesse Club sends the members through fax or email an annual reminder to pay their dues in due time.